Eduism and Audacity – Open Source


So, as I see it, the term ‘Open Source’ seems to mean something that is free and can be developed and added to by anyone who downloads that. I find it remarkable and incredibly promising that such an idea exists. I know I’m sounding all airy-fairey and preachy there, but I do find it remarkable and affirming that such a culture continues to permeate the internet. Microsith still has the ultimate dominion, particularly over the ICT technology we use in school, and yet, this stuff is out there.

Do teachers really have the time, the inclination and the ability to find it and use it effectively,  though? I guess that’s why this is here and I guess I want to start meeting with that question on a regular basis.

My first two pieces of software that I have been curiously prodding are audacity and Eduism. Both are free and both are very different, but ultimately, I see them as very social uses of technology, that which at its core, I don’t see enough of in the use of ICT in schools. Over the next few weeks I intend to blog about my use of them and the varying degrees of sucess I have with them.

As this is my first blog I suppose I should end by saying something witty and erudite: How about something like, ‘using big words at the ends of sentences won’t necessarily endear you to others?’

Yes, I suppose that’ll do.

 A still from Eduism


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