Twitter and Education

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I’ve briefly talked about twitter before, but those eagle-eyed web-perusers will have noticed that in my left sidebar I have an RSS feed which I’ve named ‘Twitter and Teaching’. I’m still not sure how the heck I’d use twitter in the classroom – the main problem is that the site is, well, blocked. Does anyone else have this problem with just about any website being blocked? I’d be curious to know what it’s like in other schools in the world, or even in different counties in my country (it’s the Hertfordshire Grid For Learning that does the blocking, not my school per se).

Anyway, I digress. Following the call to action on Edublog (here), I decided to make sure my little-used twitter account was also being used to participate with others in a discourse on education. The results are startling – there’s the usual slew of links (though always relevant and often insightful), but what’s struck me is just the open-minded nature of discussion. Everything quotes from handy little tips are thrown around, all with the interest in informing others of great practice.

So, still no idea how to use it in the classroom (d’oh), but an excellent place to learn more. You need to know how to hashtag (Stephen Fry seems currently to be extremely exasperated with peoples’  inability to do it), but that is also explained in the aforementioned post.

Upcoming blogs:

  • Further experimenting with Diigo to come soon.
  • My initial impressions of wikis – in particular,

5 thoughts on “Twitter and Education

  1. I’m glad my post on The Edublogger has got you engaged in using twitter. There has been differing opinions about the use of Twitter in the classroom. Would you like some links where teachers talk about how they would use?

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