Recognising the internet isn’t all *that*

With all the internet research going on in my classroom, I’ve been wanting to do a ‘clarifying why the internet is excellent, but why you need to be careful as well.’ Our kids take information far too much for granted and its likely that a key skill employers will demand in the future is recognising and discerning patterns and correlation in information, rather than the information itself.

Langwitches has jump started me a bit by finding some wonderful links here. It so happens that my current Year 11  are coming up to their exams, where they can often get tested on the difference between fact and opinion and how presentational devices are used in media texts (i.e. the internet). So, I should be able to deliver a lesson that gives them exam practice and gives them a better recognition of the positives and negatives of sifting for information on the internet. Just another day in walking the tightrope that is teaching, then?

The share tab I created which links to all the ‘spoof’ websites is here.


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