My name is appears to be stuck on the blog, so I guess I don’t need to tell you that!


The author, in Canada.

I am a teacher in my seventh year of the profession. A lot of the content of this blog is secondary-orientated, because until quite recently I was a Head of Department (Media) in a secondary school. I am now a Year 6 Primary teacher and, while still getting used to the shift, loving the challenge of it.

Here are my priorities at the moment:

  • Introducing and using IPads for staff and students.
  • Continuing to use audio technology (audioboo, audacity) to record, reflect and create learning with children.
  • Implementing ICT in a Primary school – from developing links with numeracy and literacy to programming and using Raspberry Pis.
  • Great teaching and learning that anyone can use in the classroom.

I hope to help change in my school; I would like to think it possible that I can help change in others. Communication and conversation between others is what I seek the most; the way to learn that I enjoy the most and I think I learn the most from.

I would particularly like to hear from people, be they teachers or anyone, who feels they have a stake in how technology can be used in our schools.  My ambitions with this are humble; I hope to be able to upload videos and audio that sketch out what I’m doing and I hope to be able to point in the direction of things that are being done. Please check out my blogroll and links for some of the best stuff I’ve found and let me know what you think about the kind of things I’m investigating. Thanks for taking the time to read.

Quite possibly my favourite song, my favourite band, my favourite songwriter.


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