Towards a SOLO taxonomy

A while back on ukedchat there was a session on SOLO taxonomy. I had never heard of it, and from initial tweets I could see that it might have something to do with blooms. I also confess to being a bit lost, because inevitably the ‘oh, another thing to learn!’ thought crept into my head.

But, James Abela sent me an excellent tweet to this presentation, which I will embed here and let you view in your own time:

What immediately struck me about SOLO was how it takes what’s good about Bloom’s taxonomy but also places it in a way that it can have a consistent and clear impact in terms of lesson progression.

So, over the next few weeks I am going to try and use SOLO in my lessons and will post what I think about it here. My initial ideas are that it would be excellent for focusing students’ minds on how they can develop their ideas about one particular element, lets say ‘personification’ in poetry, as that is a recent focus in our lessons. Stay tuned!